Techluminati is a blog that covers a variety of technology related topics that range from everyday computing to things that require very advanced knowledge.

Some common questions that I get asked :

Q: What does ‘techluminati’ mean?
A: The word is a combination of ‘Tech’ and ‘Illuminati’
Ofcourse, we all know the word ‘Tech’. As for the word ‘Illuminati’,
they are a mythical secret society comprising of scientists, mathematicians and physicists,
popularly known as “The enlightened ones”. They ¬†allegedly have the control of every powerful
secret society and organizations that exist today.

Q: Where did I hear about them? and why did I choose to name this blog after them?
A: I first came across this name in Dan Brown’s book called Angels and Demons, and it has provided me with much amusement ever since.

Q: What is the logo of this website? I can barely read it.
A: The logo reads ‘techluminati’ and is also an ambigram by design