How to delete a Yahoo Account Permanently

How to Delete A Yahoo Account Permanently


1) Visit this Yahoo account termination page.

You will be asked to Sign-in to your yahoo account that needs to be deleted permanently

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2) Confirm your password in the box as shown below and also enter the CAPTCHA Challenge (Text that is shown in the image)

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Click “Terminate this account”

3) You will now see a confirmation page for the deletion of your yahoo account.

Click Sign-out and never come back!


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    • john goodwin

      cancel my yahoo account

    • L Watt

      Jul 1’15
      how to terminate Yahoo account.
      A user on Yahoo answers is stalking me. I need to change my account picture but Yahoo has this service suspended. When I try to cancel my account using Captcha I get stuck in a loop there. Time and time again, Captcha keeps saying I did not enter the right numbers.
      What am I doing wrong and is there a different way to cancel my account?
      Yahoo doesn’t answer.