How To Fix Error 138 In Google Chrome


Error 138 is a common networking issue that are faced by many users. In fact, I had this error a few days ago and it took me a long time to investigate and resolve it. I hope this post will help you resolve this issue in no time.

So what is Error 138 in Google Chrome?
Error 138 is an indication from Google Chrome when it is unable to access the internet for some reason.

You may get a similar error string -

Error code: Error 138 (net::ERR_NETWORK _ACCESS_DENIED): Unable to access the network

First, you should really check your internet connection, and the Ethernet cable that is attached to your computer (If you are on a wired network) or your wireless connection status (if you are on a wireless network)

After verifying that your internet connection is working, but you still get the same error message, this problem is most likely caused by a firewall (Either Windows Firewall or a third party software like Norton or McAfee)

Follow the trouble-shooting steps below :

In my case, It was the Windows Firewall that was blocking access to Google Chrome.

Here is how to add Google Chrome to the allow list in Windows Firewall in Windows 7

1) Click Start button, type in “Windows Firewall” without the quotes (of course!) and Click on “Allow a program through Windows Firewall”

Windows Firewall in Start Menu

2) Once you open that, click on “Allow another program” as shown below,

Allow a program in Windows Firewall


You will then get a new window containing the list of all the installed programs on your computer.

Navigate to Google Chrome in the list and click on “Add”

Add a programto firewall exceptions list

Once you click add, you will return to the previous screen and click OK.

A restart may be necessary at this point. So restart your computer and try again.

If you have any third-party antivirus software like McAfee or Norton, they could be the reason why Google Chrome cannot access the network.

This was a quick tutorial on How To Fix Error 138 in Google Chrome

I hope this post solves your problem. Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below.

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  • turan

    thank you very much you showed is very clear.just please tell me what to do if “allow another program” is not work.i mean i try click on it but its not work.why??
    thank you

    • Yusuf

      How does it NOT work? I mean do you get any error message? is the option unavailable? if yes, have you logged in using the administrator’s account?

      • turan

        yeah,i try open google chrom but its written that i have error 138(unable to access the network).no i am not logged using administrator’s account,should I??

        • turan

          Unable to access the network
          i had this message – Google Chrome is having trouble accessing the network.

          This may be because your firewall or antivirus software wrongly thinks Google Chrome is an intruder on your computer and is blocking it from connecting to the Internet.Here are some suggestions:Add Google Chrome as a permitted program in your firewall’s or antivirus software’s settings. If it is already a permitted program, try deleting it from the list of permitted programs and adding it again.Error 138 (net::ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED): Unable to access the network.
          Here are some suggestions:
          Add Google Chrome as a permitted program in your firewall’s or antivirus software’s settings. If it is already a permitted program, try deleting it from the list of permitted programs and adding it again.Error 138 (net::ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED): Unable to access the network.

        • Yusuf

          Yes of course, you should. You cannot change firewall settings unless you are logged in as an administrator in Windows 7, as this requires escalated privileges

          • xxSassyChickxx

            I am also getting the error 138(unable to access the network) message on my laptop when I try opening Chrome and I.E. I do have Norton but I can’t access Norton either, I’m getting an error message and it won’t do an automatic repair for Norton. I’ve tried all the suggestions above but nothing seems to be working. Is there some other way I can get it working again? Thanks in advance.

          • Yusuf

            I didn’t really get the part where you say “But I can’t access Norton either”. What is the error message you have? if nothing works, just uninstall Norton and restart your computer. Check if google chrome still gives you that error. Also be sure to turn off the windows firewall, or add chrome to the exceptions list. You can re-install Norton later

          • mary

            I have a mcafee problem

          • mary

            I think it mcafee is controlling some of the settings in my windows firewall or something n yea i dont wanna turn it off tho cuz ive been getting warnings of worms, viruses, etc from my computer… O__o

          • HollyDee

            Wow. You’ve identified my exact issue on my home laptop that started 2 days ago. I’m even getting these annoying pop-ups from Norton stating that it can’t do an automatic repair for Norton too. My issue started with me trying to login to skype & it refused to connect. So I clicked on help & Chrome (my default browser) failed to launch the browser. So then I opened Firefox manually to troubleshoot & about 10 mins later, FF stopped working. Then I hoped over to IE to troubleshoot firewall issues and about 10 mins later that stopped working too. Needless to say, I’ve spent over 9 hours in the last 2.5 days trying to resolve. I’m so done!! :( Thankfully, I can access the internet from my work laptop & smart phone but I need my HOME computer working too.

  • Darren

    Very detailed tutorial. Exactly what I tried before reading it myself, and as you described I have the exact same problem. But my only other problem is, this didn’t work for me. I’m not doing anything wrong, it’s pretty straight forward after all. Dafuq do I do now, I fuckin’ hate Firefox hahaha

    • Yusuf

      Well, could give me more information? Did you try rebooting your computer? sometimes firewall rules don’t reload automatically. Moreover, you could try and install Google Chrome from the scratch.

  • Danny

    windows firewall will not allow me to add google chrome to the accepted list… the error message says “windows firewall cannot add “google chrome” to the list of exceptions”

  • mohammad

    i follwed all your steps , but still have the problem , how can i slove the problem through the mcafee ?

    • Yusuf

      can you temporarily disable Mcafee and try again?

  • Mariah

    I’ve added Chrome to the accepted list on Windows Firewall and uninstalled Norton. I also have McAfee, but cannot figure out how to disable or uninstall. Will try restarting my computer again. Having this problem suddenly on both Google Chrome and Firefox… my sister was on the computer right before me for several hours and had no issues.

  • andy

    same things happening to me but its bled over to my other two browsers, (firefox and i.e.) and they mess up on the same websites

    • Yusuf

      well in that case just try and completely disable all firewalls and see if you can open any websites in those browsers

      • heidic

        I’ve tried this and it still doesn’t work on any browser :-(

  • mitko

    i have Google Chrome as a permitted program but i still can not connect to the site i want

    • Yusuf

      Do you have any third-party firewalls installed on your computer?

      • TT

        I just watched videos yesterday, and today the error occurs … I tried Youtube, and it works perfectly fine, but I can’t watch any videos from my side. Ive been trying every things, but the same thing happened.

  • HappyHappee

    Hi, I tried this and it didn’t work. I have Norton 360 on my laptop, is that making it more difficult? Is there another way? I have tried uninstalling google chrome and then reinstalling it again. I have also restored my laptop to a point where it worked previously. Running out of ideas.

  • Sara

    It won’t let me click on “Allow another Program”!

    • Honey Boo Boo

      click on “Change Settings”

  • chmin2381

    thank you! i restart was necessary for it to work.

  • Ncxjc Cxfzbfdz

    I have Norton internet security i found this error and removed then allowed google chrome 5 times. It still isn’t working. I tried to go to the Norton security program on my cpu not the internet but Norton will not open up. I even brought down my firewall but google still didn’t work. My friend did a system restore because an update messed up our computer could this have anything to do with this? I just used chrome yesterday fine but today it just stopped. Please help.

    • Yusuf

      You mentioned “google still didn’t work” What do you mean by that exactly? Is not opening? or you are not able to open any websites in google chrome? Did you try browsing using Internet explorer? What version of google chrome are you using?

      • Ncxjc Cxfzbfdz

        Sorry I wasn’t being specific its been a few days and the google chrome browser still isnt working. I can’t check what version I have for google chrome because it doesn’t let me do anything on that browser. Basically, I can open the browser but error 138 is always present

        • Yusuf

          How is it you are accessing the internet now?

          • drakesdrum1

            multiple browsers/computers, I’d assume. I’m having the same problem on my laptop, using my desktop to look up solutions. In my case the problem is exacerbated because Norton also stopped working properly, so I had to manually expunge it. Still isn’t working.

    • Jeff

      It is a Norton Internet Security problem. I disabled it and suddenly Google worked again.

      • Yusuf

        Well it is essentially a “Firewall” Problem, Whether you use the built-in windows firewall or a third party firewall like Norton

      • steve

        Me too it works now

  • Kirsty Cox

    I have the same error. I have internet explorer and just Windows Firewall. I was unable to download Chrome or Torch via the internet downloads, the option was to download offline so I did and this worked. I got Chrome first however I got the Error 138 tried all these options, nothing worked, so uninstalled it… Tried again but with Torch, exactly the same scenario. I have rebooted my computer, added to accepted programmes through Firewall, deleted them and readded them, more than once. I have rebooted my internet box. The internet works perfectly on Internet Explorer, although I am unable to download any programme i.e. Itunes, AVG, Real Player. My laptop has recently been completely rebooted and cleared of all information/files etc by a professional. Please someone help, this is driving me insane!!

  • Brandon Carter

    Had to allow google chrome through Norton 360. In Norton 360 go to settings>firewall>program rules> find google on the list and set to allow, it’s set to auto by default

  • LeZee

    I am facing Error 138 for some sites only and others are connecting fine,
    I am using win8 and KIS 2013 which also handles firewall so how to solve my problem, help me pls.

  • oyeah

    this friggin sucked man

  • Alex Summers

    I also had this issue. Came to find a chrome extension was causing the issue. After disabling all extension, I had no issue. On another system there was a left over LSP stack in my network adapters. LSPFix is a freeware utility that can remove and re-order these things, but you should check on the documentation so you don’t accidentally remove a item you require.

  • dmcc

    norton is the problem in mine, please help?

    • Valicisa Stokes

      Norton is a security feature some of my friends have and it is a poor security system. Recommend McAfee they stop viruses and strange browser behaviors before I notice most of the time. On another note, Google Chrome is stepping beyond boundaries by not accepting addresses that are correct. I went to the site I wanted through Internet Explorer and copied the very same address they can’t find (they actually killed the page) I took the address and pasted it in my Google Chrome Bookmarks in duplicate and I go there to access my online college portal it works every time. Google Chrome is also a browser full of very bad apps that have malware, Trojans, and adware and my McAfee nails them every time.

  • Fry TheDelivery Guy

    I don’t have nortons, mcafee , etc. I made sure windows firewall was allowing chrome, disabled my avast and still get the error about 3 times a day. I can also not use Firefox or IE once I get the error in Chrome. Not until I restart my laptop

  • danno

    I seem to have solved my Error 138 Problem…….Follow thess steps Guys……… remove Google Chrome from Windows Firewall, shut down PC, not reboot, shut down and power off!!!

    Wait a minute or less and fire up again…… test sites that have been giving you problems, they should work…….now add Chrome back to your Firewall list……..give it a shot, doesn’t take long………..good luck amigos ;-)

  • joe

    koshernet was installed which is a filter internet blocking program I cannot uninstall it as it stops in the middle
    any way of getting on the internet?

  • Garrett P

    This is happening to me on chrome, firefox, i.e, and Steam. I hate this, it was also happening on spotify… I uninstalled my old antivirus (VIPRE) and now im using malware bytes. I uninstalled a mcafee security scan, but I still dont know if that worked at all, I cannot see my friends avatars on steam, nor can I access anything to do with the community. This is very annoying, and Im thinking about getting a new hard drive, because it doesnt happen on my laptops hooked up wirelessly (im on wired). Please give me some help!

  • IlluminatiHater101

    Sweet this helped. Fuck illuminati though

  • Mallory

    Have this problem and I did what you said up until you click allow another program. At that point the button is not clickable and I can’t go any further.

  • Raul Surichaqui

    Por fin pude solucionar Error 138 (net::ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED) del Google Chrome. La solución fue muy simple. Tengo instalado el NORTON 360 el cual contiene un Firewall, al revisarlo note que la restricción del Google Chrome estaba en estado Automático lo cambie por el estado Permitir y se soluciono mi problema… espero que esta solución les contribuya a solucionar los suyos…

  • leisureprophet

    You, my dear techluminati, are a lifesaver. At 4:20pm (!), I can still enjoy what’s left of the most gorgeous day of the year. For all other sufferers here, I did notice a very brief flash of searchqu popup during the process. Possible suspect?
    Good luck,

  • marfield49

    Had the same problem suddenly as all others in the midst of surfing. Couldn’t find a Firewall in my Norton and yours was one of the only websites I could get in. I followed your instructions but after getting through to “windows firewall”, the “add another button” didnt work for me and Google Chrome was already sited as a program that could be accessed. It was then I read the postings below and thanks to one Alex Summers, “Came to find a chrome extension was causing the issue”. I realised I had downloaded a Java update cos one website told me to and it WAS a Chrome extension. I deleted that and my Chrome is back to normal. Thx Alex and ty Techlimuninati for having this page! Cheers!

  • Carmen

    I followed all the described steps, including a reboot of my laptop and disabling Avira. The problem is still present. What’s odd is that this error comes out of the blue (didn’t install anything lately) and some pages work (load), some not. Don’t know what else to try.

    • Yusuf

      Try re-installing google chrome. Also check your DNS settings! or set DNS manually to /

      • Carmen

        oh, thank you for your quick reply.
        Reading and re-reading all the comments and your advices I checked also Malware-bytes. For unknown reasons, was checked the option Block Sites. When I installed (about a month ago) I am sure that wasn’t checked this option.
        Anyway, many thanks for your help and guidance and congrats for the good work! Have a wonderful day. :)

        • Yusuf


  • Shawn P

    I had this problem to. i was using norton internet sec. chrome,IE,firefox and all other browsers couldnt connect to the net. the way i figured out how to fix it was, i booted my comp in safe mode with networking and used after running norton removel tool everything was up and running

  • bharani

    still google chrome not working after attn above settings also.

  • Amiii

    i did that already but chrome still isn’t loading my pages???? HELPPP

  • JohnQ

    Thanks a bunch!!

  • RustyOmega

    I cant find Google in ‘Add a program’?

  • Sher Khan CA

    i have Norton problem plz someone help

  • Liz

    I have a Google chrome book with the same problem that just started out of the blue a few hours ago but I am not able to open a “RUN” program and follow the steps above because I do not use a windows or microsoft program. I use Linux.

  • CA-girl

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Chrome suddenly stopped and I was lost without all my extensions & pinned tabs. Your instructions worked perfectly. You’re a lifesaver!

  • adam

    error code is ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED on my computer

  • adam

    I allowed it but I still getting it and it never lets me on google chrome can you help me

  • Liliane Cabral

    Thank you! It helped a lot

  • Helen

    I tried your suggestion after I added Google Crome it says; it is already in the list of exceptions. Now what.

    • Yusuf

      Disable any other antivirus / firewall software that you are using and try again,
      if you are not using any third-party firewall, then remove the exception from windows firewall, restart your computer, add it as an exception, restart your computer again and see if that fixes the problem

    • Valicisa Stokes

      Do not disable any firewall or security! First make sure only 1 security is turned on in your Firewall. If more than 1 is on you will not be able to access Chrome.

    • Christina

      1st REMOVE Google chrome from list, 2nd shut down/ power down, 3. Wait 60+ seconds, 4. Power up (turn power back on), 5. Connect to internet via “other than chrome” browser, 6. After u successfully accessing internet, add chrome back. Hopefully, this will resolve your “chrome issues” I hope u find this helpful. Good Luck! Another thing u can try (if u purchased a secondary internet security or “Anti-Virus” like Norton, McAfee, AVG, etc)., remove chrome, shut down, power up again, then try accessing internet thru any other browser. If successful u should b able to reinstall chrome browser.

  • Helen

    How do I do that Yusuf

  • Helen

    I’m not computer savvy

  • emily

    I havethis problem when trying to acess bittorrent or utorrent. Ive added both sites to my trusted sits under the control panel. I just tried this method as well. Help! Anyone have any suggestions?

  • Saro

    Thank God!! i managed to fix the error just as Your Beautiful self explained, even though i have windows vista on this computer instead of W7 but i managed to reach the root just as you said. Thank you so much and God bless you.

  • Damien Mao

    How do we fix this problem with Windows 8? Please help

  • Lonaer

    uhmmm.. I had this problem.. I can’t access tumblr on either google chrome and mozilla. it said :Error code: ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED.
    Please help.. I’m still 14 and I’m not yet familiar with this stuff..

    • Sonalucard

      Tried rebooting browser, clearing cache, cookies, the works?

  • steve murphy

    It was already allowed and still getting this message

  • Banecouch

    I found that my problem was with Norton 360 security – it was a pretty simple fix:

    I just went into the firewall settings on the program – went to program permissions – removed google chrome, then simply re-added it. Hopefully this helps someone save some time.

    Thanks for the article!

  • mr funny superman

    this is pure nonsense this doesnt solve my prob at all, why are 99% of people saying that the fiirewall is blocking, when thats pure nonsense (i have win8.1), chrome is never blocked by firewalls….

  • Dhiva

    MY chrome Not acessing to internet…i tryied all the steps….even i can’t Help me pease

  • Dhiva

    Whatever i tried…Chrome Showing this Frequently:::

    Google Chrome is having trouble accessing the network.

    This may be because your firewall or antivirus software wrongly thinks Google Chrome is an intruder on your computer and is blocking it from connecting to the Internet.
    Allow Chrome to access the network in your firewall or antivirus settings.
    If it is already listed as a program allowed to access the network, try removing it from the list and adding it again.

  • Matteo Magistrani

    i click on allow another progam but i can find chrome

  • David Duncan

    I tried having the firewall allow google chrome but the box shown is step 2 has whited out “allow a program” help!

  • Issa5021

    For the people with Norton Issues for Google Chrome’s browser, open Norton, go to settings, click on the tab “Network”, go to Firewall settings/Smart Firewall and disable “Smart Firewall”, press apply and a page should come up asking how long you want this to happen. It will automatically be for a duration of 15 minutes. Press OK, close Norton and then re-open it. re-activate the Smart Firewall and BAM, Chrome works. *MAY REQUIRE A RESTART AFTER DONE*

  • sincerely confused

    uh I’m having this problem with my computer but, after I followed the instructions the problem still persisted. It is blocking me only when I try to torrent certain media files.

  • Miss Kamelia

    Its work on me. Just follow the instructions after that just restart walla! Mine working already. Thanks!

  • matt j green

    help me with this thing

  • Anshul

    I tried the steps mentioned above but it didint work for me. I am facing the same issue. So can you please help me out with this.

  • Loraine Montferret

    I went to “page source”, copied a link to a picture (I picked the Yahoo icon), pasted that link into a new page address. Chrome it went to it and showed the Yahoo icon. Then I loaded my Yahoo homepage in Chrome and it was fixed. This was with Chrome removed from Windows Firewall exceptions, and they’re still not there.

  • Keri McCartney Kennedy

    Didn’t work. Don’t have Norton, Macafee or Peerblock. This just started today. I haver tried absolutely everything. No luck. I have AVG but it wasn’t a problem before today. Help me before I lose my mind

  • Dakota Campbell

    i have an i mac and idk

  • lyn

    hi what worked with me is I DISABLED MY MCAFEE, also uninstall google toolbar in my Internet Explorer. Then I reinstall Google Chrome. It’s back. Thanks for ur blog i was able to find the solution. thanks a alot.

  • lyn

    same problem but what worked with me – I DISABLED MCAFEE, shut down my laptop, uninstall google toolbar in Internet Explorer, shut down my laptop. After a minute, went to IE and reinstall google chrom as my default browser. It’s back! thanks for you blog and all those who shared, i was able to find the solution, thanks a lot

  • Ian Quickz

    google chrome bowser still not opening