DigitalOcean Vs GoDaddy. Why I switched to DigitalOcean and so should you

DigitalOcean Vs GoDaddy Comparison . A web hosting comparison purely from a value for money perspective

You will find a lot of DigitalOcean vs Godaddy comparison articles on the internet, however, mine is purely from a pricing point of view


I was paying about $9 / month for GoDaddy for the deluxe hosting (shared) to run the following:

6 websites (ecommerce sites, wordpress)
6 databases
Piwik Analytics (an open source web analytics software)
OS Ticket (an open source ticketing / helpdesk software)

As you may or may not know, shared hosting has very little customization options,
you cannot modify any system level configuration (only things like php.ini, .htaccess)

So I decided to go for VPS (virtual private server).
The most affordable and value for money  (price / performance) option was Digital Ocean.

For just an extra dollar ($10 / month). I am running more than 6 websites (combined traffic of around 30,000 hits per month), a Mail server (IMAP/POP/SMTP) and have complete control of the server with a Dedicated IP Address!

Dedicated IP address is VERY important for your website especially if your business depends on it.

If you just have one website (wordpress blog / ecommerce shop) and you don’t need to host a mail server, you could start off with the $5 a month plan.

For this digital ocean vs GoDaddy comparison, I will be comparing GoDaddy Economy Shared hosting with the starter plan of DigitalOcean ($5 / month)

NOTE – For the techies reading this article, I know that I am comparing apples to oranges here. (Shared hosting vs VPS). But, I did promise you a “value for money” comparison.

So the question I would like you think about is – “What can I get for $5 a month with GoDaddy and DigitalOcean for my website”

Here is a DigitalOcean vs GoDaddy comparison chart for you.

  GoDaddy Economy Shared Hosting DigitalOcean VPS
Pricing (Paid Monthly)
I prefer paying a monthly fee. I don’t like locking myself by paying upfront for an extended period
$7 (minimum pay is three months) $5 (pay monthly)
Number of websites 1 unlimited
Database MySQL only – 1GB Storage Any database of your choice (MySQL, PostgreSql etc.) 20 GB Storage and unlimited number of databases
SSD Storage No Yes
Dedicated IP No Yes
Hourly Billing
Useful for software developers to test their software under different environments
No Available
Root Access No Yes
Hosting Bandwidth (My consumption is under 25 GB / Month) Unlimited 1TB
Domain Name Registration Yes No – but you can easily register a domain name with GoDaddy and point your name servers to DigitalOcean (This is what I have done)
Setup Time Adding domains to websites takes sometime. In my experience, when I add a new domain to my hosting account, it takes a few hours before it is ready to serve webpages Provisioning takes less than a minute. Setup time depends on your Linux skills!. However, once you have setup a control panel on your website, adding domains is very quick.
Server Location Availability GoDaddy Automatically hosts your website closest to your location (Asia pacific , US, Europe) DigitalOcean gives you a choice!
This may be useful if your website is serving a different region than the one you are currently in.You can also move your VPS to a different region if need be in the future. Available regions as of this writing are :Amsterdam, San Francisco, New York, London and Singapore
Setup Complexity –This MAY be a deal-breaker for users with absolutely no technical knowledge (Linux) GoDaddy’s shared hosting comes with cPanel, the most popular control panel out there. Very easy Graphical User Interface, Tons of resources to help you setup the website. You need to be familiar with basic Linux shell commands.Although, DigitalOcean has a very active community, tons of articles to help you get started on getting your first website up and running.
(In the coming days I will be writing articles to help you setup your websites on DigitalOcean)
Customer Support GoDaddy provides excellent 24×7 Phone Support DigitalOcean does not have phone support. They do however, have a very easy to use online ticketing system where you can get in touch with them at anytime. Moreover, their response times are pretty quick
Private Networking
(Having LAN connectivity between your severs)
Due to the nature of shared hosting this is unavailable If you have multiple VPSes, you can have high speed connectivity with very low latency between them.
This may be useful for people running application (php/apache) on one VPS and database on the other.
Web Performance Loading of web pages is good enough, nothing out of the ordinary Due to SSD based hosting and 1 Gb /sec port speeds, web page load times decreased drastically.
I noticed about 40-50% increase in speed from GoDaddy Shared Hosting
Uptime 99.99% – When I was with GoDaddy I did not experience any downtime, 99.99% – None so far. I use UptimeRobot to monitor my VPS


GoDaddy is no doubt the largest web hosting company out there, However, when it comes to value for money, DigitalOcean Beats it HANDS DOWN!

DigitalOcean offers Better Performance, its VPS hosting has unlimited potential and its cheaper .
Think about this, Pay Less and get WAY more! Who wouldn’t like this deal?

Get Started with DigitalOcean Now – Use my referral link below to get a Free $10 Credit in your DigitalOcean Account!

Have you recently migrated to DigitalOcean or are in the process of doing so?
I’d like to hear what you have to say

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  • Arvind Mittal

    Good comparison….
    but i just missed $10.

    But yeah i have been with Godaddy since 2007, for shared hosting sites.
    Now today with DigitalOcean i feel like having powers in my own hands. Let’s see how far i go with DO.

    Also looking forward for other articles on DO-Linux.
    have a great day!

  • Mark Chung

    Thanks for the article! Question for you: what if you’re a non-technical user (I have 0 dev skills) who contracts the development work out but manages the overall site? I only manage one at the moment. In this case, which would you recommend?