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So the other day I wanted to test my typing speed. There are tons of typing test programs available online, but all are quite boring.

I came across this website called Typeracer. Its a simple, well designed website, that enables you to not only take an online typing test, but also lets you compete with other guests, save your typing race stats in your profile, or create your own typing race and invite your friends to join in.

Here are some screenshots to help you give a brief idea of how it works and the user interface before you jump try it yourself.

This is the homepage. You can either just jump into the typing test race, practice to improve your typing skills, or invite your friends to join you and compete.

Typeracer homepage

For this article, I am going to hit the “Enter a typing race” link.

Once you enter a typing test race, you’ll get miniature WVs (yes that does look like a Volkswagen new beetle)

and a traffic signal with a 10 second countdown. any guests on the website can also join the typing test race before the countdown ends. Some even abandon the race after a few seconds. So not everyone makes it to the finish line!

Typeracer typing race

Here is the end of the race for a short passage.

Typeracer finish

It looks like I did manage to rank in the first place with this typing test, with a typing speed of 93 wpm (words per minute). I’d call this pretty good given the fact that I am using a regular 5 year old Logitech qwerty keyboard.

At the end of the race, it will also show you the source of text you just raced for!

When you race, accuracy should be your top priority, or you are just going to lose out on time and ultimately on the typing result. As you can see from the graphic above, I did manage to achieve an accuracy of about 99.5%.

You ready to take the typing race? Visit Typeracer, come back here and post your results in the comments section below. I’d definitely like to know whether you managed to beat me or not!

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  • ramesh

    hi so many guys are doing more than 150 words per minute, is it possible or is it robot