Sonicwall Vs Cisco – Sonicwall TZ-215 Vs Cisco 5510 Firewall Comparison

If you are looking for a “How-to”, read  the Firewall Comparison guide.

Below is the summary of firewall comparison of one of the Sonicwall Vs Cisco Firewalls

Cisco 5510 Vs Sonicwall TZ-215 Firewall Comparison Sheet

1) Performance Specifications and Features

Firewall Cisco 5510 Sonicwall TZ-215
Maximum Firewall throughput 300 Mbps 500 Mbps
Maximum Firewall Connections 130,000 48,000
Connections per second 9,000 1,800
Maximum VPN Throughput 170 Mbps 130 Mbps
Maximum Site-to-Site VPN Tunnels 250 15
IPS Throughput 150 Mbps 110 Mbps

2) Hardware Specifications

Firewall Cisco 5510 Sonicwall TZ-215
Memory (RAM) 4GB 512MB
Storage 256MB Flash 32MB Flash
Network Interfaces 2 Gigabit Ethernet /5 FastEthernet 7 Gigabit Ethernet
Expansion Slots 4-port 10/100/1000 or 4-port GE (SFP) Not Available
Number of VLANs 100 20
Power Consumption 190 Watts 11.7Watts

3) UTM and Other Features

Firewall Cisco 5510 Sonicwall TZ-215
Antivirus Yes – Malware Protection via Cisco Content and Security (CSC Module) Yes – Gateway Antivirus
URL Filtering Yes – Cisco Content and Security (CSC Module) Yes – Content/URL filtering Module
Content Filtering Cisco Content and Security (CSC Module) Yes – Content/URL filtering Module
VPN IPsec and SSL VPN IPsec and SSL VPN
Load Balancing No Yes
WAN Failover Yes Yes
IPS / IDS Yes Yes
Built-in Wi-Fi No Yes
VPN Load Balancing Yes No

4) Cost Comparison

Firewall Cisco 5510 Sonicwall TZ-215
Approximate Base Cost $ 1400 $ 845
Annual Subscription costs (Complete Bundle) VPN licenses, IDS/IPS, Content/URL Filter, Technical Support, Antivirus ? ?
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Disclaimer : Although we try our best to get the latest information about the products, accepts no responsibility of the accuracy of the content and cannot be held responsible for any financial decisions you make. Please check the specifications on the official website before making a purchase

Notes -

Some things that have not been taken into account:
- User Experience
- Quality of technical support
- Firewall Implementation time – How much time does it take to implement the firewall for a given deployment scenario

If you have used any of these firewalls before, please let us know your comments/suggestions through the comments form below.

I would also be interested in knowing which firewall did you purchase and why did you choose one over the other.

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    • asdf

      if you turn on all feature on your sonicwall – I got from 75Mb bandwidth less then 1Mb, so there is no point of turning them on as inspection will slow down your network to maximum… So about what performance we are talking about? Cisco if it is to the max it gets what it is in the description sonicwall… better not test if you dont have to.