How to install Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin)


Here are the steps on How to install Ubuntu 12.04
It is assumed that you have downloaded the Ubuntu 12.04 ISO from the website and have burned it on a blank CD. If not, follow How to burn an ISO to a disc and come back here.

1) Insert the disc in the drive and reboot your computer.
2) As soon as you reboot, Ubuntu should load from the disc and you should see this screen:

Ubuntu installation startup screen

Ubuntu is loading the boot files at this moment. After a while you should see the following. Select try Ubuntu, as you may want to get the feel of the operating system before permanently installing it on your hard drive.

Try or Install Ubuntu 12.04

After you click Try Ubuntu, you will get an opportunity to use Ubuntu. You can browse the internet, play music and explore its features

Ubuntu 12.04 running in live mode

Once you explore the features and choose to install Ubuntu on your hard drive, click Install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS icon on the home screen as shown below.

Double click to install Ubuntu

At this point Ubuntu will begin the installation process. Select your language and click continue.

Ubuntu language selection

Ubuntu will check requisites and will give you a green check once the requirements are satisfied. An internet connection is not absolutely necessary for the installation. However, it is recommended that you have one so that all critical security patches and updates can be downloaded and installed during the installation. Check both the boxes and click the continue button as shown here:

Ubuntu pre-installation check

This is a smart feature from Ubuntu – It attempts to detect if there are any other operating systems already installed on the hard drive. If you have windows installed, it will automatically detect and notify you that windows is installed and will also adjust the installation settings in case you want a dual boot mechanism so that you can have both Ubuntu and Windows installed. In our case we don’t have any other operating systems so we will select the first option and click on continue:

advanced installation option

Ubuntu Installation will give you a confirmation of the settings you chose in the previous screen. Select Install Now:

During the installation it will ask you for your location. Ubuntu needs this information so it can sync your computer’s time and date settings automatically with the time servers. Type your location and click continue.

Select location during Ubuntu Install

During the installation you will be asked to choose your keyboard layout. This is useful if you are using a non-standard keyboard, or if your language is not English. If unsure, leave the defaults. You can always change the keyboard layout later. Most likely, Ubuntu will auto detect your keyboard layout, or offer a choice based on the location you entered  in the previous screen.

Keyboard selection

As the installation proceeds, you will be asked for some details. Enter your information as given below. Ensure that you choose a secure password. Select login automatically and DO NOT select Encrypt my home folder. Encryption is a security mechanism designed to protect your files. This option is for advanced users and systems administrators.

Finalizing installation

After specifying the options, the installation will proceed and Ubuntu will download all the necessary components from the internet.

This is the best part of the Ubuntu installation. While the operating system is being installed, you can continue to use the computer, maybe check your email, chat with a friend or anything that you would normally do on a computer. This feature is unique to Linux installations. If you have installed any of the Microsoft Windows operating system’s before, you would have noticed that you just have to sit and wait until the installation completes.

The installation hardly takes about 10-15 minutes, depending on your system configuration and specifications (6 minutes in my case). Once the Installation is complete, the computer will reboot and your new Ubuntu install is ready to use!

Installation Complete

If you have any problems or doubts during the installation, feel free to ask them in the comments section below. I hope this has been an easy tutorial on installing Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin)